Conscious(ness) Realist

Publication Reviews and Commentaries
by Larissa Albantakis

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Why consciousness is not like life

Intuitively, it seems obvious what is alive and what is not and yet, defining “life” scientifically has proven quite a challenge. Nevertheless, ever since Schrödinger’s famous book “What is life?”,... Read more »
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My conscious(ness) biases

As much as I love discussing consciousness, sometimes the conversation seems doomed. Over the years I have learned first to ask what the other person means with “consciousness” and also... Read more »

Dynamical Emergence Theory

Summary Consciousness as phenomenal experience is structured. Research into the neural correlates of consciousness and its contents may reveal the neural mechanisms that support conscious experiences. However, knowing which type... Read more »

Information in the brain

[I originally wrote most of the piece below in preparation for an article about intrinsic information and causal composition. Ultimately, it didn’t make the cut into the final article (Albantakis... Read more »