Larissa Albantakis

Larissa Albantakis is an Associate Scientist at the Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness, University of Wisconsin—Madison.

She obtained her Diploma in Physics from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich in 2007, and her PhD in Computational Neuroscience from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona in 2011 under the supervision of Gustavo Deco. She has been at the University of Wisconsin since 2012, working together with Giulio Tononi on Integrated Information Theory, as well as a principled account of causation and causal autonomy.

Research Interests: Consciousness, Causation and Causal Analysis, Information, Complex System Science, (Artificial) Neural Networks, Computational Neuroscience, Cognition, Decision-making, Artificial Life/Intelligence

You can find a complete list of my publications on Research Gate or Google Scholar.